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Back in Business
Hitman: Absolution has started the year in style with the launch of the Barcode Society, the new Hitman dedicated community site that gives fans a place to exchange information about the Original Assassin. We’re back in business again with the box art reveal and the launch of two new video series.
Box Art Revealed
Hitman: Absolution will be hitting store shelves later this year and we’re so excited that we’re ready to share the final box art! The teaser image gives you a few small hints but to check out the full pack shot in glorious high resolution, head on over to the Official Hitman Facebook page and give it the love that it deserves.
The ICA Files
The top-secret International Contract Agency (ICA) keeps personnel files on all employees, targets and initiatives. Now, you too can get rare insight into these files and the characters of the Hitman universe with the brand new ICA Files video series. The first video focuses on Diana Burnwood, long-time handler of Agent 47. Each ICA File video will focus on a different character and provide a full examination of the information in their respective file in a unique and stylish way.
Behind the Scenes
In early January, IO Interactive hosted a very special press event for Hitman: Absolution at a customised venue in London. We took a film crew along to record the whole thing and now you can get behind the scenes access, as the Original Assassin marks his targets among Europe’s leading press and media.
Visit the Barcode Society
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