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elcome to the world of the future, or – in the absence of freely available laser guns, freeze-dried food, teleporters and mechanised battle suits – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes folks, it´s 2009 at last, the most futuristic year in history! (to date) And what better time than the cutting-edge month of January to take a look at the many and varied delights heading our way over the course of the next twelve months!

First up there´s the peerless CHRONO TRIGGER® which is set to arrive at the start of February, just before STAR OCEAN®: Second Evolution™, DRAGON QUEST®: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride™ and DISGAEA® 3: Absence of Justice (pant), with FINAL FANTASY® CRYSTAL CHRONICLES®: Echoes of Time™, Persona™ 4, and VALKYRIE PROFILE®: Covenant of the Plume™ following in their wake – and that´s before we´ve even made it to Summer!

Phew! We´re... (gasp) ...out of... (cough) ...breath! Hmm...maybe we should save STAR OCEAN®: The Last Hope™ and the rest of 2009´s mysteries for later and ease our aching fingers? It´s going to be a bumper year, after all, and there´s no sense tiring ourselves out before the second paragraph! Rest assured there´ll be something for everyone, anyway.

Right then, let´s get on with the FUTURE!

  Nintendo DS     06.02.09
In just under a month, cult classic CHRONO TRIGGER® will make its long-awaited debut in Europe, exclusively for Nintendo DS. The game tells the story of a boy named Crono who must travel back and forth through time to save his lost friend, and ultimately the world. So far, so predictable, you might think, but as with most of the finest things in life, quality is key, and this game has quality in spades – so much, in fact, that the folks at Eurogamer gave CHRONO TRIGGER® 10/10, labelling it “a masterclass in RPG design”. It really is that great! Check out the website now, then travel forward through time (about 4 weeks should do) and buy it!
  Xbox 360, PC     Out Now (Xbox 360), Spring 09 (PC)
SQUARE ENIX´s brand-new epic is barely 2 months old now, yet much has already been said about it. Personally though, we think those nice chaps over at Official Xbox 360 Magazine had it right when they wrote: "The Last Remnant is a game the purists can sink their teeth into, and one we hope isn't the 'Last' of its kind." Of course, one man´s meat is another man´s pet, as the old saying goes, so why not try it and make up your own mind! PC gamers will be happy to hear that a Windows version has been announced for release this Spring too, so it seems we´ll all have formed an educated opinion soon! Ah, this is going to be fun!
  Xbox 360, PC     Out Now
If anyone was in any danger of thinking they´d seen everything that the inexpressibly massive FINAL FANTASY® XI has to offer, they will be relieved to hear that no less than 3 (THREE!!!) new add-ons are in the pipeline! Titled “A Crystalline Prophecy – Ode of Life Bestowing”, “A Moogle Kupo d´Etat – Evil in Small Doses”, and “A Shantotto Ascension – The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born” respectively, each reasonably priced dose of delectable drama is sure to provide hours and hours, and very probably hours, of additional gameplay. Intrigued? Then the no-strings 14-day free trial is sure to get you into the swing of things!
STAR OCEAN®: Second Evolution™ is due to land on Friday 13th February, a date which combines the immediate fear of misfortune with the anticipation of a sackful of Valentine´s cards (oh please let it be this year). Understandably, we´re finding it hard to stay calm, especially as we´ve been wanting to play the reworked second chapter of the STAR OCEAN® saga for AGES! Oh well, we´ll try to be patient, but don´t blame us if we get all excited next month!
Nintendo DS
The excellent fifth instalment of the DRAGON QUEST® series is set to make its first appearance on European shores on 20th February. Expect classic gameplay, the story of a lifetime (it being the story of a hero´s life!), crazy characters with crazier accents and a fantastic fully 3D game world crafted especially for the DS version. We´ve said it a thousand times before, but DRAGON QUEST really is something special. Get ready to try it next month!
At the risk of sounding like we spent the whole Christmas period reading reviews (we didn´t, we were too busy with karaoke), the respected genii over at EDGE have given Nippon Ichi Software´s madcap strategic RPG a very healthy 8/10. The less high-brow but no less lovely chaps at PlayStation Official Magazine called it “a gem of an RPG” too, so it seems everyone likes it. We know we do! More on this zany tale of one demon´s quest to be the baddest next month!
ight! We´re off to line our bedroom walls with tin foil in an attempt to recreate the futuristic 2009 we spent the whole of 2008 imagining. While we do that, we suggest you get ready for February´s game bonanza!
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